Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve at In-Laws

We had a great time at in- laws. Our girls got the great presents from everyone in the family. They were so excited especially the coolest lunch boxes that my niece Teffny gave Tori and Tiara! They always bring their lunch boxes to school everyday. Here is the old lunch boxes that I got for them from Dallas that I went to shopping with Trudy and Rhonda at the World Biggest Flea (I couldn't remember) It has been about 4 or 5 years ago! This is the BEST Christmas we've ever had! But sad that Trent is not here with us. We have his presents and hold until he gets home to open the presents! I will take pictures! Hope you had a great Christmas Eve!

New lunch boxes and LOVE IT!


Old lunch boxes..Our favoirte and cute!

Merry Christmas Eve from The Tankersleys! ;)

Greetings from the Tankersleys

We wont' be able to take pictures with Trent and we rather not. So we will take pictures when Trent gets out of the program. Please keep continue pray for Trent that God is continue working in his life that he is still working in the program.

We love you and May God bless you and your family!

~Scott, Angie, Trent, Tori and Tiara

Tiara sings a song Wonderful Counselor

Sunday, December 13th: ~Tiara sings a solo. She did a great job and brave girl! We are proud of you, Tiara!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Girls' Day

Today is Saturday...Finally, we're staying home with NO plans! We decided to stay in to work around the house. The girls had chores! Tori's chores was to clean her room, put up all laundry and run the sweeper around the house. Tiara's chores was to clean her room, cat litters and bathroom. My chores was clean my bedroom, living room and the kitchen. Then Tiara helped me to bake puppy chow (muddy buddies)for women's tea party tomorrow. Then Tori will make another puppy chow for us tonight snack! YUMMY! The girls were real good helpers! Thank you, Tori and Tiara for helping me today!

I cooked soft taco for dinner. While I was cooking dinner, Scott texted me and said that he was leaving Lubbock to meet me at Youth center to visit our son Trent!

Scott and I always look forward seeing Trent.

Have a blessed day!

November Updates

Hello! Welcome to December! It's my favorite month!

First of all, allow me to apologize for not writing on my blog. To be honest with you, I haven't had the time to sit down and enjoy my COMPUTER. The only thing that I read is Libby's blog. You know I always check my Facebook. When I'm not using the computer, I use my blackberry to check my FB everyday! For some reason, I don't think about the computer...Been busy! I LOVE writing the post for my blogs. I will catch up what we are doing in November...Lucky, I wrote it down to remind me! I haven't forgotten! :) Updates here:

We went to Chuck E. Cheese for my cousin Jace's birthday party...We had a blast! I was so happy to see my cousins Mikala, Amy and her husband and their son James Ray and the rest of Luginbyls family. It was great to see them! Thank you Mikala for invited us! We sure miss Cosuin Kyle and aunt Debbie and Uncle Jim! Hope to see you soon! ILY


I love Thanksgiving Holiday! Love to eat Turkey and dressings! This year, we went to my mom's. We had a great time visiting and spent the time with our step-grandma who is 101 years old. She will be turn 102 this month (Dec)! That's my step-father's mother. She is such a sweet lady! We love her. she has a blessings to live her precious life for 101 years! Here is a pictures to show proof! heh...We were so stuffed and helped cleaning then left went to my parents in law's for a little visiting. Neenee, Ann, and Teffny always bake one of the best cakes and pies. We looked at the catalog for Black Friday. Sure enough, there was one of BIG sale that we want to buy for christmas, (sorry can't tell you.. our daughters will read this blog and will jump thrilled what we get for them! sorry Tori and Tiara! You'll have to wait until christmas morning to open those presents! ;)) Anyway, Sad things that Trent's favorite event was stayed up all night Thursday night with me for black friday. He loved and enjoyed it so much! He still remembered and always talks about it! I told him promise we will do it again next year! anyway, I asked Michael go with me and he invited his girlfriend go with us. Thank you Michael and Courtney to helping me out! We had a blast time and it was VERY cold!

By the way, Scott and I went visit Trent on Thanksgiving day night! It was special day for us together to spend the time!


then continue shopping...Tori went with The Lyons to be with Katie for the day. So I took Tiara to the mall to watch a movie called "I want to be bad all I want to be" Oh it was made us cry during the whole movie! I can't wait for it to come out in DVD so Scott and I can watch it with CC. Boy, I was exhausted and went home changed comfortable PJS and laid down on the couch and fell asleep at 3:30 and woke up at 6:30 pm, ate dinner and then went back to bed at 9:30 pm


I woke up feel so much better after catching up with my rest. No more red eyes! ha...But you know what? Tori and Tiara woke up and made breakfast to surprise for me for my birthday! I ate in my bed. They cooked eggs, bacons, pancakes and chocolate milk. They also gave me a collage picture that they have been worked all night. That was so sweet! I went to visit Trent again! We had a great time! Then went home and started to decorate for christmas.

So we got the house in order and started to set up our christmas tree. Tori and Tiara decorated the tree. Wish Trent was with us and it would have been fun to have family time to decorate the tree and to talk about how much Christmas meant to us! Scott went out of town to Wichta Fall for football playoff. That's why he couldn't be here with us. After we finish decorated, we went eat out to La Fiesta (I was so tired and did not feel like cooking) Just 3 of us. We had a good time!

Thank you Trent, Tori and Tiara making my day! I love you!


Woke up and got ready for church. Guess what? It was snowing outside. Oh my gosh! I didn't want to get out of house. But We had to because we had plans after church. Scott told me go check in the kitchen. I went in and saw a present from Scott. He got me a digital photoframe 7" for 1,ooo pictures! What a surprise!! That's what I've wanted for a long time. I know it's expensive!! That's so sweet of Scott. Thank you so much and I love it. and I've enjoyed watching digital pictures, which brings best memories.

After church, we went to meet my in laws at Home Plates Diner for my birthday since Scott is back in town! We had a good time. I got necklace match with earrings and $20from my parents in law, blue scarf with gloves from my sister/ brother in laws, $15 gift card from my niece Shay and her husband Matt. Thank you all so much for special birthday! I enjoyed it!

Today's the day that Scott and I met with Trent, and his workers at the youth center for case review plan. He has been in the program for 9 months. They talked about is progress and how he's working the program. He's had several set backs and many small victories. We will meet again in 3 months for Trent's 12 month review.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Red Ribbon Week!!

This is a Red Ribbon week at Bushland...we are dedicating this week to Trent. You know in the past Red Ribbon week was just fun activies at school, wearing different clothes each day and teachers' would teach something about drugs "just say no to drugs."

Been involved with this special week for years until it hits home. The bottom fell out.

It became peronsal.

It became my family's mission.

Speaking from experience, drugs destroys lives.

Each day during the Red Ribbon Week, made us to think about our brother and son.

Red Day - wear red shirt stating that "we want to stop drugs"

Each day, the girls wore something different - crazy hair day, college day, spirit day, and backwards day.

Trent, this week has been dedicated to you. We love you and we know that you're getting so much better.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dos Ninas de Mis Hijas

That's right...dos ninas de mis hijas.

Two girls, my daughters.

Can't imagine having two girls! Never in my dreams would I have dos ninas!

Aren't they GREAT! They know how to spice up my life. Boy, do they know!

Heard that raising girls were much harder than boys.

'Tis true, 'tis true. Two lil drama queens...hey, hey, just kidding.

They are my queens and I am proud of them.

Dos ninas de mis hijas are Tori and Tiara...along with Trent...they are gifts from God.

Their names means something...a reminder of who Jesus Christ is.

Tori is short for VicTORIa...which means victory.

Tiara means crown. Her middle name is Grace...we are crowned by the grace of God.

Seeing dos ninas everyday reminds me that "I have an absolute victory in Christ who crowns us by the grace of God."

Amazing how God provided us with names for my children. It's wonderful.

Tori and Tiara...I love both of you so much!! Thank you for spicing up my life.

Dad the way, the name Trent comes from torrent.
His name means "river of blessing."

How about that!